The Source of Consciousness

The Source of Consciousness

What is Consciousness? Do you know? Don’t feel badly if you don’t, neither did Einstein or any of these guys….

Einstein 1927-solvay-conference-many scientistsWe are not claiming to be “smarter” than any of these men, we simply took Einstein up on his advice (below) and sharing our ‘different’ thinking with you.  Our only goal is to open your mind and others to the powerful possibilities within the human brain.  Possibilities so far unnoticed by others.  We hope it helps you as much as it’s helped us…
Einstein solve problems with different mind_____________________________________________________________________
In 1927 the greatest minds of physics attended a meeting in Brussels (top pic) to discuss the subject of Consciousness and the Power of the Human Mind.  None of these physicists could  explain why their experiments & observations were being greatly altered by an indescribable force called “Consciousness.”  Where does it come from?  How is it created?  How does it work?  How can we access it?  This force has eluded authoritative minds for thousands of years…
Einstein and many others are convinced Consciousness is a collective Life Force of it’s own ~ we agree.  If human Consciousness holds to the theories and natural laws already established, then the only viable equations to describe it would be Einstein’s theories for Singularities and the Big Bang.   But where and how would you apply them?

We didn’t  come to these conclusions lightly; we had to study many disciplines of science, technology & medicine and needed to go back 8000 years to validate it.  It took many years and several dissertations to conclude our work on the Consciousness Key Theory.  So please, share this information with everyone so humans don’t have to wait another 8000 years to evolve.

Study child
The most difficult thing about writing a paper like this is keeping it laymen-friendly. So if this article drones on a bit medically or scientifically it was truly unavoidable.  For ease of reading we’ve cited our scientific explanations, then follow them with “In Layman’s Terms”  and this picture next to it:

Laymans terms break it downWe hope this will help uncomplicate complicated science.


So let’s get right to it…


Above is Einstein’s Big Bang Theory and is at the heart of all scientific debate on how our Universe began.  It’s a solid theory replicated throughout life on Earth in varying degrees.  Maybe not all Life that joins together “bangs,” but during this unison Energy is always creating independent power.  So we’ve applied this theory to the studies of the mind and theorize the Big Bang or Singularity is happening directly inside our brains creating “Consciousness.

What is the Big Bang Theory?


Very basically it’s when 2 Energy forces collide or join, then reach ‘critical mass’ creating an entirely new Life Force or “Energy.”  Pretty simple, right?  But there are other Energy forces creating the gravity that keeps everything in place, and this Energy is called a Torus.

What is a Torus?

A Torus is a massive cycling Energy field that looks something like this…
Torus purple largeA Torus is another Energy force cycling around a planet, object or person.  You’ve seen this force before but it probably wasn’t given the name “Torus.”  Here it is cycling dust and debris around Saturn.

SaturnBetween The Big Bang, Singularities and the Torus there can be no doubt humans have incredible Energy to tap into; the same Energies creating planets, the solar system and Universe!

Singularity 8 HumanSome examples of the Singularity Torus in our reality include:
Singularity UniverseSingularity Torus of Our Universe

Torus Earth     Singularity EarthTorusField

Energy Field Around Earth

Singularity sun

Energy Field of the Sun

Singularity Human

Energy Field Around Humans

Singularity FETUS

Singularity Energy Starting Human Life

If Singularities are the source of our reality’s creation, and if Consciousness is part of our Universal reality, then the same math must also be responsible for human Consciousness.  But how?
??????????????????We’ve all been trained to think of the brain as a functioning “whole.” This is because science believes human thought must be hard-wired (like a computer) throughout the whole brain in order to have functional thoughts.  We claim the opposite is true.  We also believe looking to the brain’s sparks and wiring for Consciousness would be like looking deep into spark plugs & wires to see what propels a car.

Our enhanced human Consciousness fuels epiphanies, controls our Executive Level thinking and is the source of all Spirituality, but how does it work?
Power of the Mind beam

The Consciousness Key Theory

To understand how consciousness forms there are 2 structures you must be intimately familiar with:

1. The very basic mechanisms of the human brain—
2. The very basic mechanisms of a Singularity Torus–

Let’s start with the Human Brain in a nut-shell. As you can see it is far easier to understand than our education has conveyed.

Human Brain Left Right Functions RB male femaleVery basically your Right and Left hemispheres are 2 completely different brains with separate thoughts and desires being fueled by the Limbic System. (Emotional Center of the Brain)  This makes them 2 separate Energy forces working together to create your “cognitive thought” with your Limbic System fueling both.

Left brain’s Cognitive thought is your conscious or ‘awake’ thoughts and they allow you to process patterns stored in subconscious Right Brain.  Right Brain is “pattern recognition,” so it’s already deciphered the solutions to all problems and it’s up to the Ego or Left Brain to acknowledge them.  These patterns or “problems” in your reality’s experiences are chosen & molded by Left Brain to form logical thoughts or “solutions.”

Laymans terms break it downIn Laymen’s Terms:  Your Right Brain works like a computer with massive stores of information.  Your Left Brain chooses which patterns of that stored information to follow creating your reality.

Because Right Brain is essentially a mute computer processing patterns absorbed by your reality (your “receiver”) many scientists believe it inferior.  In contrast, your ‘speaking’ Left Brain’s “logic” (your “transmitter”) science considers superior because it speaks.  Both trains of thought have only drawn us away from the truth.   Both sides of the brain are equally important to develop if you want to achieve advanced states of Consciousness.  But Right Brain is the hemisphere involved with long-term memory, intelligence and spirituality.

Autism is a Right Brain disorder and why Autistics have astounding memories.  By scientists dismissing Right Brain as the “weaker” side, then humanity will in essence “dismiss” the very thing giving them their high intelligence:  long-term memory.

Because Autistics only have full access to their Right Brain storage unit, they are constantly spouting it’s patterns and matching them up. (if they speak)  Rainman is an excellent example of someone with full access to Right Brain’s potential…

It is imperative both hemispheres of the brain be strong (high frequency) and working in unison to create powerful Human Consciousness.  If they do not or your brain is traumatized, it will revert to “fight or flight” (an ego survival state), or go all the way back to a pure Right Brain Pattern state. (infancy/re-pattern survival state)

Both sides of the brain are 2 independent forces that must work in unison for human survival.  Once this unison is properly established, strong Consciousness can develop.  Because (this) Energy can never be destroyed, even damaging or traumatizing the human brain cannot eliminate an already formed Consciousness.

Because of how the human brain is wired, during research science often consumes both hemispheres into a ‘functional whole’ when really they’re creating Consciousness in ‘independent unison’ or in a Big Bang/Energy harmony state.

Laymans terms break it downIn Layman’s Terms:  Left & Right Brain are 2 separate people with 2 separate ideas about life.  They must work together in harmony to create a powerful Consciousness, in turn creating high I.Q.’s, success and happiness.  If they don’t work together, your Consciousness will be weak, brain function slow, will have a much lower I.Q., and your brain will function about as well as a bad marriage. Ever have a disagreement with yourself?!  This is because you have two people (brains) living in your head, and without strong Consciousness they’ll always be fighting.

It is also automatically assumed Left to Right brain connections must be hard-wired to create Consciousness; an electrical charge must follow some specific neural pathway in the brain to create an active thought.  The Consciousness Key Theory states the opposite:  Hard-wired connections and hormones/chemicals are merely powering up the brain.  Right & Left brain’s Energy expands & contracts (back-building for Energy) so each hemisphere can eventually join or “collide” creating a vortex Energy field we call “Consciousness.”

The Source of Consciousness
The Source of Consciousness

Einstein’s theory on wormholes, black holes & the Big Bang can be applied to both Energy masses within each hemisphere of the brain.  Discovering the technology to properly segregate then measure each hemisphere’s Energy levels is another story all together.

New Imaging for the Human Brain
New Imaging for the Human Brain

Science is coming close to discovering the powerful Energy being created by the brain, but they’re not quite there yet.  Here the advanced MRI technique shows human brain activity looking remarkably similar to the Universe.  Unfortunately, unless quantum neuro-technology advances, science is far from detecting, isolating then measuring the Energy fields being generated by either hemisphere.


The most interesting aspect of studying parallels between the human brain and cosmology:  colliding Universes do not have Limbic Systems fueling their force.

The Key Theory proposes your Limbic glands must provide balanced & proper levels of healthy, organic fuels (hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.) free from contaminants and toxins at precisely the right moment in time for both hemisphere’s to create enough Energy to align then explode into a Singularity Point creating CONSCIOUSNESS!  But what happens if our ‘brain balance’ is off?

Current of Consciousness Left Brain Dominance POSTER

Current of Consciousness Brain Balance small

This is a healthy brain with high-functioning hemispheres being super-charged from healthy Limbic function.  The Field of Energy created by the  Current of Consciousness permeates brain matter transferring information throughout the brain pan.


Although oversimplified, the mechanisms for our expanding  Consciousness would look something like this…

Big Bang BLAP Singularity INSTANT CONSCIOUSNESS ColorBelow we’ve removed the human brain to depict balanced activity within both hemispheres resulting in a balanced Current of Consciousness.  Below are the ‘stages’ of Consciousness from a person with balanced brain activity, but starting with ‘poor (brain) health.’  Those with diminished brain activity from toxins & contaminants will posses a ‘weak’ Current of Consciousness.  The healthier your brain, the more Enlightenment you will attain.

Stages of Consciousness

This Consciousness Vortex is created in utero (in the uterus) as soon as the entire brain is up and running at full speed, and is strengthened every minute the fetus is healthy and happy.  But if the baby’s brain health is poor, has poor nutrition, toxin/metal damage or even emotional trauma, then the connections in the brain are damaged and Consciousness cannot form properly.  This will greatly inhibit the child’s potential for advanced thinking. creativity and superhumanism. (high I.Q., advanced skills, Savantism, etc)

Once a Singularity point is created an irreversible state occurs called an “Event Horizon.”  For black holes and worm holes, this is the “point of no return” as shown here…
Event Horizon black holeOnce you (or an object, planet, space ‘junk,’ etc) enter the Singularity Vortex and reach a specific point, your Energy would become caught in the ‘event’ and you wouldn’t be able to turn back.  The force of the vortex would suck you in and the gravitational pull would propel you through.  This point is called an Event Horizon.
We believe the same Event Horizon occurs when human Consciousness forms.  Once both hemispheres of the brain join to create a Singularity Consciousness Vortex you cannot turn back, and it can never be destroyed. 

If correct, then the Power of Consciousness cannot end there.

The Singularity Consciousness Field takes on a life force of it’s own, and begins transferring the already stored information along this Consciousness Force Field within the brain matter itself filtering all stored knowledge throughout the entire brain region.  
??????????????????Laymans terms break it downIn Layman’s Terms:  Human Consciousness is the actual Force transferring human thought and not your brain’s hard-wiring alone. 

Consciousness can and will expand and contract depending on the health of your human brain.  If healthy, Consciousness will expand encompassing your entire brain pan so you can have a ‘whole brain’ life experience.   If each hemisphere’s hard-wiring were the only way thoughts were transferred, we’d have a very choppy broken life experience; much like the difference between poor VHS quality and high definition video.

??????????????????Once the Energy Fields of each hemisphere join forces, and as long as the brain is in good health, together they’ll explode into Consciousness.  Depending on the strength of frequency in each side of the brain, will vary the propulsion rate of Force within the Consciousness Field.  The Energy Flow in a Singularity Consciousness Vortex most certainly would far surpasses the speed of light.

Therefore, we also propose the Energy created by these organic forces is the Aether Albert Einstein so desperately tried to validate.  With a human brain thoroughly saturated with a ‘whole brain/whole reality’ Consciousness experience, large portions of the brain can literally be removed leaving Consciousness intact but damaged or defective.

Hemispherectomy Evan-CrickenbergerThis child suffered with incurable seizures, and had a hemispherectomy in an attempt to correct the disorder.  This is when an entire hemisphere of the brain is removed….
Hemispherectomy 7 yr old girl
Children recover best from these procedures because their brains were young and healthy before the condition began forming a powerful Consciousness.  And although it has been traumatized by seizures, it still hasn’t received the onslaught of damage from 20+ years of poor diet, no exercise, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, emotional trauma and other powerfully damaging effects of life on Earth.  So his Consciousness Field, ‘will to live’ and ‘spirit’ are still powerful and at the heart of all human survival.

Once a traumatizing procedure occurs it also traumatizes the frequencies within Consciousness as it was the synapse frequencies that created it in the first place.  Once that circuitry is interrupted the Energy Flow of the Consciousness Vortex will be damaged as well and will take time to re-adjust to it’s new environment.

Family during Hemispherectomy Recovery
Family during Hemispherectomy Recovery

After invasive surgery, with the proper therapies and interventions in place, it is shocking how adept our Consciousness can be at re-establishing itself.  Once recovery begins, and Consciousness starts cycling again, it can begin transferring already experienced information to what’s left of the brain.  This reactivates the ‘memory’ stores in tissues received before the trauma/procedure/damage.

Because children’s brains are healthier, they can re-grow brain cells and gray matter to accommodate for the lost signals or removed tissue from surgery.  Adults can as well, but they must be in top physical condition to do so.  Once Consciousness takes the wheel again it’s only a matter of time before that human is up and running again as well.

For more on traumatic brain surgery, recovery and the Power of the human mind watch this video…

Your body & brain health functioning at top speed (high frequencies) is paramount to mastering heightened states of Consciousness, intelligence or ‘Spiritual Being.’  So if your brain is clean & clear (great health) and you feel amazing (high-octane Limbic System) you have the ability to supercharge this Singularity Point until it becomes powerful Consciousness.

Here is an excellent video of how a tornado forms.  The Key Theory proposes the same mechanisms are occurring in the brain.  If you visit 1:40 minutes into the video, you will find a fantastic animation depicting the anatomy of a tornado.  But if you simply replace the words in the red (right hand) arrow with “Right Brain,” replace the left arrow with “Left Brain.”  And what this video calls a “Mesocyclone,” the Key Theory calls “Consciousness.”

Once Consciousness is properly understood and developed, harnessing the limitless powers laying dormant in the human mind will become commonplace.

The Consciousness Key Theory POSTER  FINAL

WARNING: Science-minded individuals STOP NOW.

Below is our explanation for how Consciousness, the Human Spirit, and the Einstein Rosen Bridge are not only connected, but they’re completely accessible.

Above it is greatly stressed:  if we clean our bodies and brains out properly, then we can achieve high states of Consciousness.  But is that where all potential for superhumanism ends?

We don’t believe so.  In 1967, Dr. Bruce Lipton was already cloning stem cells and what he discovered about human DNA is nothing short of unbelievable…

Our DNA does not “inherit” disease, it prepares for it over generations.  Our DNA can also heal itself spontaneously if the proper environment is available.  Our DNA will tell our stem cells when and how to make repairs depending on the environments we expose ourselves to.  This includes thought frequencies as well; each thought releases frequencies heard by our cells & DNA spontaneously altering their structure.

DNA Singularity Flare

Here during an interview, Dr. Lipton discusses Einstein’s theories and how they’re applied to current disciplines of science & medicine…

“Given the politics of medicine, I asked Dr. Lipton where science and spirituality actually intersect. “Quantum physics,” he replied with confidence. “The definition of spirit is ‘an invisible moving force that influences life or matter.’ Einstein said, ‘The (Energy) Field is the sole governing agency of the particle.’ According to physicists, the Field is defined as exactly the same thing: ‘an invisible moving force that influences life or matter.’ As it turns out, the Field and spirit are the same. The observer creates reality.”

We propose that “invisible moving force that influences life or matter” is the collective Singularity Consciousness formed from all life-forces on Earth.

Read more on Dr. Lipton’s research here:

But why stop there….

During my investigations into the human mind I was brought to the National Institute of Health. When searching articles and studies, often .gov links would appear on the right to guide you to related articles. 4 years ago I was guided to an incredible paper I was unfortunately unable to download, copy, paste or save. I was so enthusiastic when I read it I immediately began rifling through websites, books and articles to validate it.

The paper I found described the hormonal processes of the brain which included an explanation of Left Brain being fueled by Androgens or ‘male’ hormones while Right Brain is fueled mostly by ‘female’ or Estrogen hormones. Although both sides use both types of hormones, more Androgen (steroid) receptors were found in the Left Hemisphere and more Estrogen receptors in the Right. Essentially this makes your Left Brain ‘male’ and your Right Brain ‘female.’ I thought “WOW” that’s incredible and makes so much sense!

Pyramid Code Matriarchy Brain male female

Theories on hemispheres being male and female have surfaced throughout history, even in my studies of Ancient Egyptians I’d discovered a powerful documentary on this subject that investigated pre-Dynastic Egyptian culture.(5000+b.c.)  Indigenous Wisdom Keepers of the Giza Plateau, the source of all humanity, have sincerely and adamantly described the brain as being Male & female. The above pic is from this documentary.(link below)

If it is true, and the Left Brain is essentially male and the Right Brain female, then replication of life doesn’t stop at DNA duplication….we as a race are replicating what is happening inside our human brain. Could this male/female neurological connection be what the Ancients described as “twin flames?”

Twin Flames

We believe how healthy, well-balanced and mindful a society is can be judged by looking at the actual society itself. If males dominate a society it’s because Left Brain is “dominant” throughout that group. If females dominate it is because that society or group is more Right Brain. If there is balance among the sexes then there will be balanced thinking, therefore they’ll be a balanced male to female power structure within that society.

According to Ancient Egyptians, not only is the Right Brain female, it is also the hemisphere that must be properly accessed to achieve pure enlightenment.   We agree, and this theory makes perfect and profound sense.  If women are “vessels” for ‘Heaven’ delivering all life on Earth, it would stand to reason the ‘female’ side of the brain would be your vessel to Enlightenment.

Mother EarthAt first I had difficulty believing my Right Brain was essentially my Stairway to Heaven until I listened to the experience of Dr. Jill Bolte. She became a neurologist to help her brother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, until a blood vessel burst in the left hemisphere of her brain. Her experience was nothing short of amazing and after watching her video, you’ll never underestimate the Ethereal power of your Right Brain again.

Unfortunately, in Left Brain societies Right Brain activities are sorely neglected, leaving each individual of that society in an Ego “fight or flight” survival mode.  This will be a very aggressive, self-centered, (possibly) violent state without a strong spiritual ‘feminine side’ to balance thinking.  Right Brain groups such as the Iroquois,  Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, the Musuo and Kalash are peaceful and spiritual.

Matriarchal Kalash Women of the Afghanistan Mountains
Matriarchal Kalash Women of the Afghanistan Mountains

Right Brain groups tend to be labeled “Matriarchal” solely because women hold positions of authority.  After studying these groups I discovered these groups are not “Matriarchal,” but more Egalitarian.   The women are not “in charge” but share power with the men equally.  This occurs readily in Matriarchal groups because Right Brain does not have an ego, and is peacefully mute.  This would explain early Egyptian leaders being feminine as well. (Ma’at, Hathor, Hatshepsut, etc.)


The males in Matriarchal societies are far more unthreatened by women having leadership roles because they rule with their Spiritual Right Brain.  Aetheric Right Brain dominance is also why so many Buddhist Monks can easily remain in silence for long periods of time, and can literally set themselves on fire without flinching.  Right Brain is not only Spiritual, it also does not acknowledge pain.  This is why deep breathing helps women in labor, and athletes.  Asserting Right Brain dominance is your ability to “get in the zone.”

Knowing all of this, and if you are from a Patriarchal group, once you get your Right Brain healthy and running properly your Corpus Callosum (connection between Right Hemisphere & Left) will power back up strengthening and balancing your connections.  Then if you can learn to keep Left Brain’s Ego center properly extinguished (via Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, etc.) powering up both sides of your “pure” brain, free from the stress of the every day world, will be shockingly easy.  For those rare individuals that can master this discipline, an Einstein Rosen Bridge is created.

Power of the Mind Rosen Bridge

Einstein theorized that time-travel was possible via an Einstein-Rosen Bridge created from a Singularity Vortex.  We believe that vortex is not in outer space, but found in the inner space of the human mind.  This would explain ancient tribal lore and their claimed abilities to ‘cross over’ to the other side.

The final question we can safely answer if the above information is correct:  What is Spirituality?

Answer: Having full and Free access to your Consciousness….

Mind powerOnce you understand the “big bang” is happening directly inside your head due to the massive organic Energy fields provided by both sides of your healthy brain, you’ll never ask that question again.

Now for the really big question?

How do I access Consciousness and Spirituality?

Easy….DEEP BREATHING. Yes, it’s that simple. Remember, your Left Brain is male and your Right Brain is female. In life males are ‘stronger’ than women, just as your Left Brain is ‘stronger’ than Right. The Ego can be a bully, even inside your own head.  Could this be your ‘angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other?”

Angel On One Shoulder and a Devil On the Other
Angel On One Shoulder and a Devil On the Other

The only way to power up the Right Side of your brain is to keep your Ego at bay with ample amounts of oxygen—like a hyperbaric chamber. You can acquire oxygen through many sources: clean water, meditation, Vitamin C (turns into Hydrogen Peroxide when ingested), yoga, exercise, drinking food grade h2o2 (oxygen infused) water, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, etc.

Here is a video uploaded by Dr. Paul Harch, MD of New Orleans who used Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to rebuild brain matter and heal a boy with severe brain damage. This video proves the incredible power simple oxygen has on our mind…

Dr. Paul Harch’s website can be found here:

You may be saying “but I can’t afford a hyperbaric chamber.”  That’s okay–a Harvard study just proved deep breathing (Meditation) can actually re-grow gray matter. No hyperbaric chamber necessary.  Re-growing brain matter means re-growing immune function, emotional stability, and intelligence.

Harvard Medical Research banner“Eight weeks to a better brain ~ Meditation study shows changes associated with awareness, stress…

“Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day,” says the study’s senior author Sara Lazar, a Harvard Medical School instructor in psychology…Sara Lazar of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program and a Harvard Medical School instructor in psychology….

Meditation group participants reported spending an average of 27 minutes each day practicing mindfulness exercises, and their responses to a mindfulness questionnaire indicated significant improvements compared with pre-participation responses. The analysis of MR images, which focused on areas where meditation-associated differences were seen in earlier studies, found increased gray-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion, and introspection.”

For more information go to:

Many have spoken of the “healing powers” they acquire when practicing these techniques. Medicine Men, Shaman and spiritualists have firmly declared their Energy or “Chi” can heal others. Now, with quantum physics and Epigenetics we can prove this is actually very true.

Here is a video of a live-action ultrasound: a group of healers eliminate a woman’s cancer within minutes. Go to 5:00 minutes in for actual healing.

Here is more information on the power of Meditation and Deep Breathing…

Science is coming ‘close’ to discovering the source of consciousness. Here is an article concurring with the Consciousness Key Theory, they simply haven’t taken it far enough…

“Researchers Narrow Search for Source of Consciousness …

by Jim Schnabel
August, 2009

Does consciousness—our awareness that we are perceiving something—arise from a special region in the brain, or from the coherent workings of multiple regions? Analyzing data from electrodes implanted in the brains of epilepsy patients, French researchers suggest the latter, although their results, published March 17 in the online journal PloS Biology, also point to a role for special, consciousness-related circuits in the prefrontal cortex.”

The complete article can be found here:

We hope our theory on Consciousness is your Key to unlock the door to the vast stores of power awaiting you….

The Consciousness Key Theory POSTER  FINAL

Einstein humble portrait

The Source of Human Consciousness…

If Einstein only knew how close he really was–



Please help us spread the word by downloading a copy of this pic and posting it with a link to our sight.

The Source of Consciousness Invitation FINAL

Knowledge is POWER ~ So Spread the Word!!!


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